Association of Consecrated Women in Eastern and Central Africa

Early in the 1960’s, the Sacred Congregation for the Religious in Rome expressed the passion that, each country would have a Conference of Women Religious Superiors. In response to the Holy See’s desire in 1973, women Institutes of Consecrated Life in Eastern and Central African countries sent representatives at national level to AMECEA conference upon receiving the invitation, to reflect on common issues pertaining Religious Life Spiritual formation and Apostolic Life of the Consecrated Women. The representatives were from four (4) Conference of Women Religious Superiors from Eastern and Central African countries, the Association of Sisterhood in Kenya (AOSK), the Tanzanian Catholic Association of Sisters (TCAS), the Zambian Association of Sisters (ZAS) and the Association of Religious Institutes in Malawi (ARIMA) by then now Association of Women in Religious Institutes of Malawi (AWRIM)  and by then they had Conferences that were already formed in their countries. Consequently at this meeting in Nairobi, it was recommended that regional meeting of religious women be convened to discuss their common concerns and aspirations and to deepen their religious commitments. Consequently in the same year, representatives of women religious institutes of consecrated life from Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia independently met in Nairobi for the first time. In 1974 the Sisters met for the second time and they reflected on the theme The Role of the Religious Women in Evangelization by then they were called AMECEA Sisters, this time they invited ARU – Association of Sisters in Uganda. In 1980, they adopted for themselves the name «Sisters’ East Africa Study Conference» (SEASC). Through study conferences which were organized after every two or three years, aims and objectives of the SEASC became clear. These aims and objectives were articulated in the guidelines of the SEASC, later on, they became the Statutes.  The association continued to grow in Eastern and Central Africa English Speaking countries. In 1983, the Eritrean, Ethiopian and Sudanese Institutes of Women Consecrated Life became members of the SEASC while retaining their national memberships in the Joint National Associations (Men and Women). For various reasons, the delegates to the 12th Plenary Assembly (2002) decided that the SEASC becomes Association of Consecrated Women in Eastern and Central Africa (ACWECA). Following the 2010 secession of South Sudan from Sudan, the South Sudan Sisters Associations was recognized as an independent member of ACWECA in May 2013.  Currently, ACWECA comprises Women Institutes of Consecrated life from nine African English speaking countries namely; Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Sudan, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.


In order to make it easier for the Association to conduct its service for the Church according to its constitutions in the year 2007, its executive made a request to the Congregation for Institute of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life (CICLAS) for official recognition.


ACWECA is a fully registered body under the societies of Kenya, under societies rule of 1968 No.4 of Kenya, Certificate of registration No. 23196 and has a Secretariat in Kenya



To promote the spirit of collaboration and sharing of spiritual, human and economic resources among Member Conferences, to enhance religious formation and strengthen leadership capacity for deeper evangelization


The Association envisions an empowered Women Religious with enhanced evangelization tools. It shall strive to promote the dignity and validity of human life of women religious in Eastern and Central Africa.






  1. Promote effective Leadership for the Association, Member Conferences and Individual, Strengthen  Formation  and On-Going Formation
  2. Provide Research/Education/Capacity building of Religious in areas of need
  3. To be advocate for Peace and Justice
  4. Foster Self-Sustenance of the Associations, Member Conferences and Individual Institutes
  5. To collect membership dues from the member conferences and associate members and accept donations and grants fromsuitable bodies, to be used solely for the achievement of its objectives.



YEAR OF ACWECA Plenary Assembly



Where it was held

1st 1974

Role of Women in Evangelization

Rev. Mother M.T. Gacambi

Limuru - Kenya

2nd 1975

Needs, Problems of the African Sister and the Mission

Sr. Mary Linscott

Nairobi- Kenya

3rd 1977

Consecrated Life of Women Religious in Eastern Africa

Sr. Annie Nasimiyu

Lusaka - Zambia

4th 1980

Building Christian Communities

Sr. Edel Bahati

Lusaka - Zambia

5th 1983

Family Catechesis, Apostolic Spirituality

Sr. Alma Mulwa - Councilor

Nairobi - Kenya

6th 1986

International Formation of Women Religious for a prophetic call and Mission in Africa Today

Sr. Mary Victoria Chirwa

Lusaka - Zambia

7th 1989

The Challenge of our Mission - Inspired by Mary in Today's World

Sr. Celine Namalambo


8th 1992

Women Religious in Africa Integral Formation for Effective Evangelization in Partnership with the Local Church

Sr. Catherine Asomugha, MSHR

Dar-Es-Salam - Tanzania

9th 1995

The call of the Apostle Response of Women Religious Moving Towards the 21st Centaury

Sr. Rita Matiku, IHSA

Kampala - Uganda

10th 1997

Inculturation and Millennium - Tends: Consecrated Life of Women Religious in Eastern Africa

Sr. Annie Nasimuyu, LSOSF

Lusaka Zambia

11th 2002

Heralds of New Evangelization Based on New Holistic Formation Trends, that move with the Signs of our time to meet the needs of our Society in the AMECEA/SEAC region in the third Millennium

Sr. Helen Mwalye


12th 2005

Rooted in Jesus Christ and impelled by our passion for Christ and for humanity

Sr. Shukrani - Nkonde, OSB

Dar-Es-Salam - Tanzania

13th 2008

A radical Call For Religious Women to Live Prophetically the Gospel Values in the Third Millennium

Sr. Marie - Therese Gacambi, ASN


14th 2011

Called to an Identity of Rootedness in the Person of Jesus Christ as Consecrated Women: A Challenge for Mission and Formation Today

Sr. Elizabeth Nampuntha, SBVM

Kampala - Uganda

15th 2014

Go, Do Not be Afraid and Serve

Sr. Margaret Aringo

Lusaka - Zambia

16th 2017

Revitalize our Solidarity for Deeper Evangelization in Today's Complex reality within ACWECA region.

cfr. John 17:21

Sr. Prisca Mantenga

Dare slam - Tanzania