ACWECA’s core values influence the organization’s decisions and priorities on its core business; guides its choices concerning its core business and partners; and how it goes about its core business. The Association shall endeavor to uphold a set of core values to guide all its undertakings and in delivering its mandate. These core values include:

Prayer and witness to Christ: Prayer will remain the foundation of our life and ministry. We equally recognise the importance of evangelism and we strive to reach out to others in our words and deeds.

Unity and Solidarity: We believe in empowerment through unity and Solidarity and will embrace aspects of these in decision making at all levels for collective responsibility.

Integrity and Commitment: We will embrace the virtue of integrity in all our activities. We believe in excellence and dedication to our course.

Transparency and accountability: We will uphold honesty, accountability and transparency at all times and at all levels.

Communion and Sharing: We believe in sharing of thoughts and feelings amongst us and with those that we serve.